UPDATE 27-04 2012 6th assault and hes not charged for this or even for kicking in my car door.


Craig Young was eventually charged for kicking in my car door but he was not convicted. He was never charged with busting my drivers side mirror.

6853 (2015_11_20 04_20_37 UTC)


Craig Young putting his cigarette butts out on my car hatch door.


Hatch door Craig Young kicked in with 2 witnesses but he’s not convicted because of confusion about the color of the car being Gold or Silver.


Assaulted with a large plastic container in my front door resulting in a swollen ankle.   Police do nothing again.

Craig with red container

As long as I`m the only person that experiences Craig`s bulling and intimidating behavior I`m the only one who suffers and is aware of it.


Copies of these photos were given to the Capalaba Police and three different Police Persecutors at the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

UPDATE 27-04-2012 : Pictures below show the rocks he threw at my camera on my porch and the rock in my hand is the one he threw at me just missing my head. There was a witness.

UPDATE 27-04-2012 Court date set and all parties were present.

As I stepped into the witness box for this matter,the prosecutor handed the Magistrate a document and the Magistrate canceled the hearing, we were told we would be informed when the matter would be heard the first of the year 2013.


Forth and fifth assault by Craig now being investigated by the Capalaba Police. 27-02-2012

I thought I heard laughter

Due to apparent bias by the Capalaba Police,over many years,in favor of a known mental patient over the 5 normal tenants, I have made and will remake a request that in the interest of justice to all concerned this matter be moved to the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Who would not try and protect themselves from a crazy man by installing CCTV cameras?

This stalking compliant given to the Capalaba Police.

stalking compliant

Yes I did hear laugher.

Capalaba Police have just informed me,14/03/2012, Craig will not be charged with assault only trespass. It would appear a mental patient with a serious history of this behavior is more convincing than I am at 73.

It`s elder abuse by the Capalaba Police as well as being very corrupt. They decide what is considered evidence.

The below statement given to the Capalaba Police.

statment to capalaba police

This system is corrupt as hell.

statment capalaba police 2
My signs are spot on.

statment capalaba police 3

statment capalaba police 4

Of the dozens of CCTV photos I gave to the Police, Sergeant Gough said “Craig had good explanations for looking in my windows.” Gough and all the rest of these cops were just doing the bidding of their bosses Sergeant Geoffrey Tompson and Senior Sergeant David Nevin, both were later promoted.
Interesting Detective Senior Constable Gibbs from the Cleveland Station,the Police Officer that investigated the arson attack by Darren Jones, my upstairs neighbor, was quite happy to have my CCTV photos as proof in court. But the Police at the Capalaba Station have a very strong bias against me.
This is corruption pure and simple.

I`m still hearing laughter.

They are going to keep doing these things until someone stops them.This all hangs on the witnesses statement that she “saw Craig pick up the red container and throw it at me. She didn`t see it hit my ankle because she closed the door.” She is ninety one and lucid. Others of us are in our seventies and lucid.

I didn’t even see it hit my ankle but I certainly did feel it. I don’t recommend you look at your feet when being assaulted by a crazy man. Its best to be looking at his face.

What is the alternative? Did I go inside and bash my own ankle with a cricket bat before I took the picture?

BUT POLICE SAY, repeatedly time after time,

“there is not enough evidence to charge him with assault”

This is why I’m documenting this.
Question; If Craig is not made responsible for his actions how is there any hope of him changing his behavior ?
Answer; The corrupt Queensland Police don’t want Craig to change his behavior. Below is my Statement and Police compliant.

page 1

Statment Sgt. Gough 1

page 2

Statment Sgt. Gough 2

page 3

statment Sgt. Gough 3



page 4

statment Sgt. Gough 4

page 5

statment Sgt.Gough 5

page 6

statment Sgt. Gough 6

page 7

statment Sgt.Gough 7

page 8

statment Sgt. Gough 8

page 9

statment Sgt. Gough 9



Stalking compliant ignored and stonewalled by Capalaba Police.

Attachment “A”

1st assault statement to Police 26-01-2012
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