Police Lie Under Oath

Capricious Magistrates:

Magistrates Tynana, Taylor and Cornack.From Sergeant Thomson`s 1st arrest Magistrate Tynana says ” To be absolutely clear about this, it is not the contents of the signs which constitutes the disorderly conduct but the defendants activities while displaying the signs. I find him guilty of committing a public nuisance”.However from Sergeant Thomson`s 2nd arrest Magistrate Cornack says ” That sign is useless in fact it is just upsetting to people it is no legitimate form of protest it doesn’t say anything that`s worthy of public attention. People would look at you and just think that you were crazy”… “Today you are fined $250.00” The sign referred to in both arrest was “POLICE Seriously Corrupt Uneducated Morons”The COURT BRIEF below is absolutely full of lies.

When Sergeant Thomson arrested me he said when he walked up to me “We`ve received a few complaints about you interfering with persons in their public passage today on this road here. Alright. And subsequently I’m arresting you for public nuisance”.

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( I understand the QPS is now using my win in the Supreme Court to instruct new Police recruits as to proper arrest procedures.) As in my case  failure to particularize reason for arrest. 

UPDATE 18/08/2016 Latest sign in my protest. 

put in Court perjury

Chief Justice



This Court Brief of this first arrest and the F O I Documents show how the Police lie and with the help of the prosecution shifted the locus of Sergeant Thomson`s case against me from two female pedestrians to two female drivers. One R E Schwartz complained to Police that on 29th April 2005 while in her vehicle she read one of my signs and was offended. She was ill on the day of the hearing and didn`t appear as a witness. The second complainant one S H Bond, the only witness for the prosecution stated under oath she “could not remember what my sign said but she was extremely offended by it”. She also testified that “He jumped off the footpath and out on the road into the path of her vehicle causing her to swerve to avoid him”. She stated she” was extremely frightened by this and I saw that he had a knife on his belt also”. S H Bond broke down on the witness stand and became very distraught under cross-examination by me. I let her be excused because I could see she needed to get to the chemist shop to get her medicine. It is my contention the medicine she had to get at the chemist was methadone not the slow acting medication for bipolar depression. S H Bond was the only witness against me,except the Police Officers.

                 This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

I’ve never owned a knife that attached to a belt. Did Sergeant Thomson tell S H Bond that I had a pocket knife when he arrested me and she became confused? The F O I documents below show only one compliant recorded by Dayrl Kelly administration personnel. I can only assume it came from either Bond or Schwartz and that leaves three unaccounted for complaints. Where are the complaints from the two pedestrians that Sergeant Thomson used to arrest me.
They do not exist because I never behave in that manner or block anyone on the footpath or yell protest slogans.

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Police lie under oath:

I was arrested on trumped up charges,I was framed. The Capalaba Police have perverted the course of justice and no one gives a damn about Police corruption.



court brief 29 04 050003


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