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Below I’ve listed the reasons our corrupt Queensland Government had to silence me using it`s corrupt Police Force and link to steady state economics web site.

As far back as 1995 while I was mostly unemployed and busking I began doing a lot of reading that eventually took on the form of research into environmental and economic issues. Of the many books and subjects I researched was Dr. David Suzuki`s T V programs and books. Of the many bibliographies I researched I found a reference to Herman E. Daly and specifically his book,


Prior to reading Daly`s books I had become very pessimistic about the future of humanity with our rush to Globalization through ProGrowth Economics. Remember this was well over a decade ago, but Daly had something new to say, Steady State Economics. I had never heard the term before and economics was not a subject I was comfortable with. As I studied and researched I began to get a profound respect for this man and his work. At last I was beginning to come out of my pessimism and loss of hope for humanity. Again thanks to Dr. Suzuki information on the “world scientist warning to humanity” ( Recently referred to by Al Gore in his “An Inconvenient Truth”) I wrote the Union of Concerned Scientist and got permission to photo copy their brochure. I began handing it out while I was busking in Brisbane in the late nineties.

I had finally come to understand something that was revolutionary in it`s concept, Steady State Economics, not the same old boom and bust of pro-growth economics with it`s ever increasing population expansion that was destroying everything around me but an exciting new way forward.For those interested in steady state economics see; casse I was also becoming aware that the Queensland Government was more frightened by steady state economics than a communist revolution, or an old hippy like me, because there was no need for violence or revolution, we could save ourselves easily with a new economic system. Hence the song “Something Is Wrong” and it`s chorus I wrote in 1998 and the Queensland Police told me to shut up or someone is going to do you. Their warning was not a bluff, they sent 2 men to bash the hell out of me. One of these men is a cop. They are still covering it up. And later in protest to expose this corruption. The arrest for Public Nuisance they put their lies about me in the news paper but my win in the Courts against all the lies are not made public. In Australia they have old saying that fits this behaviour. It`s RAT SHIT.

“Something is wrong when the system has to be saved, rather than the way of life the system is suppose to serve.”

I got this sentence from my university days. It`s a sentence from Professor B. F. Skinners book “Beyond Freedom and Dignity.”
Skinner is considered by many to be the father of behavioral psychology.


I just got this info below and it confirms all of the reasons for my continued protest.

Working Group III contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

IPCC scan

So when I was busking these corrupt Police and Labor Party Nazis repeatedly told me to shut up I told them repeatedly to

“go to hell.”
Four Labor Party men in suits were responsible for my blood on Edward street one evening before the premeditated bashing by the blonde Police operative. They stopped and listened to my song “Something is wrong” and then became extremely upset at my replies about what I considered a corrupt Beattie Labor Government. They then asked me “but what about” X-Premier Wyane “Goss?” and I replied “I thought he was a crook as well.” They then became even more indignant and the head suit stepped close to me and  said “I`ll take care of you.” And only a few weeks later,Police Assistant Commissioner`s Allan Honor`s goons bashed me in the premeditated assault that is still being covered up.
I`ll elaborate on what they did at a later date.

The intimidation and bulling increased, after the bashing, to being shown a used syringe by two men on Edward Street one night with the certain meaning that if I didn`t shut up someone was going to do me again and much more permanently this time. I have a half dozen instances of intimidation like this, after the assualt but I wouldn`t shut up just as now well over a decade later and I`m still going strong. Half of these incidences concern good cops helping me. The Labor Party already hated me for personally handing my “Statutory Declaration” to Brian Hurst at the Redlands Times and the then local LNP member of State Parliament about the corruption of Jobs. Association Inc. with Joan Budd and her Fascist Labor Forum Faction in Capalaba.

My letter below was published by the Bayside Bulletin approximately a decade ago.

I think the answer to my question years later, “Will world heed warning?” is

                                 “Not soon enough to do any good.” 



                                         Will world heed warning?

A Recent warning to humanity by over 1700 of the world`s senior scientist states that human beings and the natural world are on a collision course.                                       Their warning states that “We have no more than one to a few decades to avert the threats we now confront.”   The threats to humanity are from overpopulation and degradation of the atmosphere, water resources, the oceans, the soil, the forest and biodiversity.  More than half the Nobel laureates alive today are signatories.  Interestingly Stephen Hawking is among this distinguished list.  I first heard of this at Dr. David Suzuki`s book signing in Brisbane.  The warning can be found in part in his book, “The Sacred Balance” and in full in Paul and Ann Ehrlich’s book “Betrayal of Science and Reason” or in publications from the Union of Concerned Scientist,26 Church Street,Cambridge MA 02238 USA.  When Dr. Suzuki told the group of over 600 people at the book signing of the urgency of these threats there was gasp from myself and others. Immediately several hands went up and the single question was, “Why are we just hearing of this? Dr. Suzuki answered, “The print and electronic media didn`t consider it newsworthy at the time.”   There are a great many people like myself who missed this warning to humanity.  I have found many solutions to the problems in Herman E Daly’s book “Economics,Ecology,Ethics: Essay Towards a Steady State Economy.                    Anti-environmentalist hide your heads in shame or argue with the best minds in the world.  – R J Courtney, Capalaba.





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