FOI Report by Senior Constable Shane Dan of the Assault

Dan refers to me not being happy with my original statement, I was not happy because of his lies. I would bet the name of the blond haired man on the mense warrant is false.

F O I Sr. Const.S Dan assualt0001

I told Senior Constable Shane Dan when I made my statement that the blond haired man, a police operative, choreographed the entire assault and instructed the black haired man right in front of me and during the assault. But when Sr. Constable Dan handed me the typed up statement  Dan had written that the, “Blond man convinced the black haired man to walk away and leave me alone.” This was not a mistake on Dan`s part it was a deliberate verbal of my statement. Sr. Constable Dan knew the blond haired man was a Police Operative and I have him on tape telling me if I didn’t sign the complaint the Police would drop the charges. I now know why such a young man as Dan was a Senior Constable. He was one of Assistant Commissioner Alan Honor`s corrupt LABOR PARTY Police Nazi Stooges.

AND My justification for saying “POLICE Seriously Corrupt Uneducated Morons.”SCUM

 When the Government just ignores a citizens compliant about government corruption,I think a citizen has the right to criticize that government.


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First page my original Police compliant of the assault on me on Edward street Brisbane as written up by Senior Constable Shane Dan. The 2nd page is the verbaling. I had already told Dan and Little it was a hit with the blonde man in charge but Dan would not let me say the blonde man was responsible for the assault in any of my attempts at making my Police complaints. Senior Constable Dan is corrupt as hell.
Scan_20150416 (6)
Second page
I would not sign the compliant because of Dan`s attempt to remove any reference to a hit or blame on the blond man. I tried to make my statement in my own words,with several attempts but Dan said I had to sign this.I never did.
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Third page
Scan_20150416 (3)
Forth page
Scan_20150416 (9)
Fifth page
Scan_20150416 (10)
First page finally signed with Inspector Russel Miller
By the Time Inspector Miller finally brought me the below statement it was the same as the one I submitted,after several attempts. It shows the Items that Dan would not let me say. ( I have a recording of Dan saying. “If didn`t sign the above statement the Police would drop the charges.”)
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Second page
Scan_20150422 (5)
Third page
Scan_20150422 (6)
Forth page
Scan_20150422 (7)
Fifth page
Scan_20150422 (8)
sixth page
Scan_20150422 (9)
Seventh page
Scan_20150422 (10)
compliant to politician
page 2
Scan_20150422 (2)
page 3
Scan_20150422 (3)
I was  smelling a rat in the Police at city station. The following correspondence with Sr. Constable Shane Dan shows I was still being polite
but getting to a point where I couldn’t get anywhere.
Letter to Dan.
Scan_20150501 (4)
Letter to Dan.
My statement to the Police. I haven`t added all of the pages of my hand written statement because they were the same when Inspector Miller delivered it to my home. Except for these 2 pages. This was a perversion of justice. Almost a year later I finally get to sign it. Of course these corrupt cops had decided to let their operative,the blonde haired man,walk free to not be heard of again.
Scan_20150501 (2)
My statement to Police.
Scan_20150501 (3)

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