7 th Assaults

UPdate 10-12-2012


It`s been over a week since I`ve informed the Capalaba Police that one of my CCTV cameras had been destroyed by my crazy neighbor Craig Young as well as being physically threatened by him with a large paving stone.This is now the 3rd. camera he has destroyed. I informed the Police I had proof this time. Photos and CCTV pictures on CD to give the Police for this willful damage QP 1200 764399. The Police ask me first thing if I got proof like a witness or CCTV footage to prove that Craig did it. AND then they always say that “my cameras are the problem and that they are antagonizing Craig.” Queensland Housing, Queensland Mental Health and Queensland Police defended Craig with this same argument both in and out of Court.

See letters proving this, click on;

                                      10th assault. 

I`ve suffered for years this Police corruption from the past Officer in charge to the present day Officer in charge at the CORRUPT Capalaba Police Station. When I do get proof the Police have never ever charged Craig with willful damage. He was charged 30/09/2014 & 01/10/2014 in the Brisbane Court with wilful damage and fined $1500.00. He has never paid for his crimes that destroy my property. As he has said in Court,recently, he won’t pay the fines imposed on him.

Could it have something to do with my legal right to comment on Government and Political matters like Police corruption?

The cop just tells me to move. He said that’s what he would do. He’s not 73. I’ve had 4 cops tell me to just move. I think the local corrupt cops would like me to move so I was not drawing attention to them in Capalaba.

This logic suggest all the other 7 tenants should move and let Craig stay here.

I wonder who the DUMB ASS is that’s advising the Police on this behavior.

UPDATE 26-11-2012 Fractured Rib

The below picture of Craig running past my window with the Buddha statue moments before the assault.

assault with buda

Craig grabbed a 13 kg buddha statue from my garden and threw it at me as I backed away he picked it up and threw it at me again. It missed and at this point he knocked me down and jumped on me with his knee as he got up and off me he pulled my glasses off and kept them. He refused to let the Police have them back or search for them. All of this with the full knowledge of the Police and Queensland Housing. the Doctors x-ray states The left rib views show a minor crack fracture of the anterior aspect of the fifth rib and possibly minor buckling of the costochondral junction of the sixth rib. No subcutaneous gas noted. The next door neighbour heard me yell out for help. But the biased Cop says there not enough proof to charge him.


I`m awaiting notification as to whether he will be charged. Again he is never charged.Picture 002

Picture 003

Picture 004

And as a reminder Craig has a criminal history of 30 mm thick of this

kind of behavior but again no witnesses

and for some strange reason the cops believe him. I think most of us know know it`s my demonstration against POLICE corruption that is the cause of this POLICE bias. My total and only criminal history is only one item a $50.00 fine for having a pocket knife from Sergeant Thompson`s first arrest.

This does make one question the lack of intelligence and excessive power of these government departments. Stonewalling by Constable Fuglevik has now been well over 6 Months from when I signed my statement against Craig Young for fracturing my rib. I have never had communication from her since November 12th 2012. Not one word. Is this simple bludging as well as corrupt bias against me for my protest ? Pure and simple the Police are protecting this psychotic by taking the decision away from the Magistrates and Courts by continually finding reasons not to charge Craig. POLICE CORRUPTION. They don`t like anyone saying they are corrupt.

Other Capalaba cops that have perverted the course of justice with their persistent bias and stonewalling are Sergeant Gough, Sergeant Pugh,Constable Searston. The type of Policing they get up to motivates me to SIGN: POLICE , SERIOUSLY , CORRUPT,  UNEDUCATED, MORONS.

Craig Young`s mental health is not the real villain here it`s the Police corruption that allows the perpetrator to continue the assaults.










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