AND THE INJUSTICE SYSTEM        

                                              WHY I’M HERE




A briefing paper prepared in November 2017 by the National Integrity Committee.

First Arrest

By Sergeant Thomson. Charged, convicted and fined $300 dollars for obstructing police, public nuisance and having a pocketknife. Public nuisance set aside in the District Court. Obstruct police quashed in the Supreme Court of Appeal. After fighting two years,as a self litigate in person, I decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court and paid the reduced fine of $50 dollars for having a pocketknife. This was the first time in my life I was ever arrested and fined. I got advise from a lawyer that my protest were legal before I started my protest.For more info, POLICE LIE UNDER OATH The Police put all of these lies about me in the newspaper. There has never been a retraction. Queensland’s now Chief Justice, J.A. Holmes said, “the evidence not only failed to establish that the arrest was lawful; it rather suggested it was not”.  So my local community only knows what was put in the newspaper,below.  Lies and more lies about me,no mention in the local newspaper about my wins against the Police in the District Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court or my winning cost against the Police. click on menu, Case and Assaults: Documents Supreme Court, for full transcript.

                                                            UPDATE 26-07-2016

Until the the truth is published about the bashing on Friday the 12-02-1999 on Edward Street in Brisbane by a Police operative and Elder Abuse by the Capalaba Police at Capalaba,Queensland Housing and Queensland Mental Health my protest continues.    The people of Queensland need to know what their Kleptocrats are up to.


All of this is done to me and I never really did anything wrong except try to make the community aware of Police corruption.



Picture 010

Second arrest:

By Senior Constable Shane William Peacock of the Logan Police. Charged convicted and fined $75 dollars for disorderly behavior, one of the arms of  public nuisance. I was just standing on the footpath, in Capalaba, with one of my signs.[Interestingly] ( Peacock has been sentenced on 21 09 07, to spend five years in jail with parole in eighteen months, for a car accident involving the death of a man. Peacock was four times over the alcohol limit and initially lied and said the other man had been driving.) I have him on tape not wearing his seat belt while transporting me to the Capalaba Police Station to be booked and fingerprinted for public nuisance. The two phone calls from Peacock and Constable Craig Andrew Quinn immediately prior to my arrest went to Sergeant Thomson`s private cell phone. A third call from Constable Bishop who works for the Wynnum Water Police but was at the time working at the Capalaba Police Station also went to Thomson`s private cell phone. Bishop just happened to drive by and wittiness an imaginary car swerve because my actions on the footpath. How convenient that Bishop was there in that twenty-second period to back up Peacock`s and Quinn’s story. Brisbane Magistrate Taylor accepted all of this perjury and convicted me. I`m still awaiting District Court decision D343/06 by Judge Nase on this matter. It`s been 1 year now and no decision on my appeal.

Judge Nase`s Decision handed down 28/04/2008. Appeal allowed; Conviction and sentence set aside; and a verdict of not guilty is entered.

Judge Nase said, “If Mr. Courtney is guilty of “disorderly behavior” so is my local federal member of parliament. For months before the last federal election teams of uniformed supporters, and some even dressed up as animals, behaved in much the same way as Mr. Courtney did …”


Six Police officers have committed perjury and lied under oath perverting the course of justice. AND NO ONE GIVES A DAMN. Thomson, Emerson, Peacock, Quinn and Bishop. Any wonder why I call it the Injustice System. I have now added, Officer in Charge, Capalaba Station, Acting Inspector David Nevin`s name to this list. Click on Cop Warning and Police lie under oath below. When Sergeant Thomson purposely put one of the policeman with I assume his baby on his knee,[[ that was in charge of the assault on me in 1999,]] at the Capalaba Central Shopping Center over a decade after the premeditated clandestine Police assault. Early one morning before anyone was around. Thomson knew my routine of walking thru this area each day. I then knew the corruption was systemic. I assumed the baby was there to garner sympathy for the corrupt Policeman in hope I would stop my protest or get me to report the man to the Police so Sergeant Thomson could pervert the course of justice even further. I just stood there and shook my head in disgust. I`m sure Sergeant Thomson was watching on CCTV to gauge my reactions

20160325_101953 (2016_03_25 05_42_02 UTC)

I have no intention of stopping my protest against Government corruption. Until this happened I hadn’t seen this Police Officer since the premeditated bashing and continued threats and intimidation on Edward Street in Brisbane in 1999 by his group of NAZIS Police Officers and the blond haired man,a plaincloths Police Officer or operative, that participated in and choreographed the beating I received which is still being covered up by the Police.  

UPDATE: 28/03/2017  And of course Sergeant Thomson has been promoted to Acting Senior Sergeant and is no longer in this area. { well it has been hot here in Capalaba this summer. }


put in Court perjury




Assaulted by two young men on Edward Street,Brisbane,Queensland 12-02-1999.This is what I looked like after I had just washed all the blood off. I was handing out the “World Scientist` Warning to Humanity” brochures and singing the song I wrote “Something is wrong when the system has to be saved rather than way of life the system is supposed to serve.”

          I still wont shut up.


Third arrest:


I`ve been fined $250.00 for offending Sergeant Thomson with my T-shirt (Queensland Justice and Police Uniform too corrupt to wipe dog shit from my shoe) and Zig Heiling him. When you challenge the state with corruption, freedom of speech does not exist. The Queensland Police and Magistrates do not agree with the Australian Constitution, it has no bearing on their thinking. They bypass it as if it doesn’t exist. You are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. The Police brief of evidence is considered fact and your testimony is considered hearsay. That’s been my experience now 3 times in the Magistrates Courts. But still fighting the mendacity.

I have filed an appeal in the District Court 23/04/2008 to fight this 3rd conviction of Public Nuisance.

October 27, 2008. I WIN AGAIN, THAT’S THREE IN A ROW. Click Latest Update on 3rd Arrest Appeal.

This link also shows my argument presented by Caxton Legal  that won the $1650.00 cost and appeal as well as showing the capriciousness of Magistrate Cornack`s decisions. 

You can`t say or show your contempt for the police even when you can prove the corruption, it offends them.

UPDATE 29/07/2017 Cop Warning State law overrides the Constitution of Australia and song lyrics to the songs that caused all of the Police intimidation.

20160325_102038 (2016_03_25 05_42_02 UTC)




                           Queensland bashes it`s artists.                                            

                      THIS WAS THE START OF MY PROTEST

About Courtney for singing a song I wrote. “SOMETHING IS WRONG” .

My experience is starting to sound like Naomi Wolf`s, Ten-steps-to-close-down-an-open-society. For those interested in the loss of liberty in western democracy, Naomi Wolf`s article in the Huffington Post sums up how it`s happening and it`s happening to me. Below are links to local Government corruption that is being covered up.

Jobs Association Incorporated

Queensland Housing

Mail Tampering

My Experience

Naked Cops 

Naomi Wolf`s Ten-Steps-To-Close-Down-An-Open-Society.

My car vandalized

This is why I`m still fighting.



F O I Report by Senior Constable Shane Dan of the Assault

This link “FOI Report by Senior Constable Shane Dan of the Assault” Now has the Police Documents,Constable Dan`s statement that verbalized  me. And my statement showing Dan would not let me make my statement in my own words. This shows the serious bias of Dan`s actions and is a serious perversion of justice on his part.

Letters and Documents. Then Attorney General Matt Foley, Rob Borbidge, Mike Horan, Ms. Young of the Department of Public Persecutions. Assistant Commissioner Alan Honor made sure his corrupt Fascist Officers were in place to write up my statement of the bashing by the Police operative their way. “The Blonde man convinced the black haired man to walk away and leave me alone.” An absolute lie by Senior Constable Shane Dan in writing up my statement and then telling me,which I recorded, “If you don’t sign it the Police will drop the charges.” A perversion of justice by all of these corrupt Fascist Police Officers. And now, in my opinion, Acting Inspector David Nevin and Sergeant Thomson of the Capalaba Police are participating in the cover-up by their continuing arrest and harassment. The Blonde man was a Police operative.


Police Lie Under Oath

Court brief and Freedom of Information Documents of first arrest proves Queensland Police Service`s mendacity. It proves complicity of the Police prosecutions in the mendacity. It shows the capricious nature of the Cleveland Magistrates Courts and their uneducated interpretations of the High Courts decision of Coleman v Power on free speech in Queensland.

Click on 1st,2nd and 3rd Assaults in menu for Housing Queensland, Jobs Associated Incorporated, Mail Tampering and for Statutory Declaration that started everything.

Click on 10th Assaults;  For UPDATES on assaults and stonewalling,                                      :ELDER ABUSE BY POLICE:

Continuing Harassment

Harassed and bullied by local cops for having a walking stick, my T-shirts and my signs. The only good thing is that two or three of the local cops are good cops. I use to get waves, thumbs up, two thumbs up and even respectful military salutes but not these days. On two occasions I even got applause from cops. It`s confusing to many people that I’m standing there with my signs and the good cops were supporting me.

                             Still out there  11/02/2017



                                   BELOW THE GREEN LINE



                                           GLOBAL  WARMING

                                  I agree with those that say,

            “WE SHOULD BE IN A SURVIVAL MODE AND ON A WAR                                                                     FOOTING.”

Brisbane Climate March 29-11-2015

1448670817630 (2015_11_30 23_00_29 UTC)

UPDATE : 2/12/2017 15,364 Leading Climate Scientist have issued a dire warning. Link at the bottom of this page.

.When I was handing out the World Scientist Warning To Humanity brochures in 1998 & 1999 while I was busking in Brisbane,it had been signed by 1,700 of the world’s leading senior scientist 1992 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity | Union of Concerned Scientists


The three words about GLOBAL WARMING and the associated weather events, to be remembered, are INCREASED  FREQUENCY and  INTENSITY of storms,droughts and floods, as well as the many,many other serious events. We are now at 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere, the highest level since Four Million Years Ago. The tipping point or point of no return was 350 ppm.Latest update on the Arctic Sea Ice is that it may have disappeared as early as September 2015.The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research,Director Jaochim Schellnuber, recently said . “WE are headed for 4 degrees warming.” and “What`s the difference between 2 degrees and 4 degrees warming? Human civilization.”  The earth`s temperature has now increased 1.1 degrees Celsius. And as forewarned,methane vents, which are 6 times more of a greenhouse gas than carbon, are now opening in the Ocean floor in the  Arctic,Siberia,East Coast of USA and other areas  The Carbon Institute says we have to leave 80% of the carbon in the ground.

Top US climate scientist with NASA,James Hansen says “The world is on the wrong track thinking that two degrees of warming is safe.”

 And we are looking at only a few short decades,    2040-2050, not eight or nine decades until this happens. All warnings from IPCC [ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ] and others were originally set for 2100 and have,over the past few years, been moved downward to 2050. And the temperatures have been increased upwards.  

Two thirds of the warming since 1880,our first records and now,has happened since 1975.

AND governments want to cure the problems with the very thing that caused them,                                                   GROWTH

AND I was warned on numerous occasions while singing my song, “SOMETHING IS WRONG”, to “shut up or someone will do you” by plainclothes Police then one night they did.

“This is why I’m still fighting the cover up.

We can’t have a sustainable footprint if we keep adding more feet. Anthropogenic Global Warming means human induced.

Update (28-06-2017) Australian population now 24.6 million.

UPDATE: 19-06-2016 Global Change Biology recent publication states “Over the past year, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen faster than any period in the past 55 million years.


One organization trying to educate people in these matters is Sustainable Population Australia. Visit SPA`s new site at

The world population is growing at 1.1% per year. That is 80 million people a year making the world population now 7.5 Billion. We add 1 billion more people every [ approximately 12 years]  In Australia we are growing at approximately 1.6% a year or 400,000 people a year.  Of that 400,000 people 40% are births over deaths and 60% are immigration )That is just over 1 million every 3 years. We are populating  at .7% faster than the world rate. [ Latest ABS figures for 2015 show a slight decline to 1.3%] This still makes Australian population growth among the highest in the developed world. The world population now stands at 7.5 billion people. Projections are that the world population will go from 9.5 billion to 1 billion,   due to myriad factors.

You do the maths. We are adding 1 billion new people [approximately every 12 years]  Exponential growth is frighting when it gets into large numbers. 

7.4 billion condoms0002

Brisbane Climate March 29-11-2015

I do not use the term “Climate Change” because the climate is not going to have time to change due to the accelerated speed of Global Warming.


Why do we have growth?

 Because of high immigration. Why do we need high immigration?       To enable growth.  Government argument is circular.


For more info on steady state economics and Key findings IPCC`s Fifth Assessment Report on greenhouse gas emissions and my letter published in the Bayside Bulletin approximately a decade ago, “Will world heed warning?” click on,


UPDATE 28-11-2017 Important update on Global Warming. 15,364 of the worlds leading climate scientist have sent out.

Total vigilance is the price of liberty.

 Oppose the Surveillance State.




                                      We can have sustainable development but

                                         sustainable growth is an oxymoron. 

You can`t blow up a balloon forever. You can`t fill up a bucket of water forever. 

I can’t respond to the many great comments but thanks to all. This is a WordPress site and Twenty Eleven Theme,  All contacts thru the menu at CONTACT US form email.

I of course want to share any of this information as it was shared with me thru years of research from books and organizations.







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