Housing Queensland

1st Assault 

By my mentally ill next door neighbour.

Housing Queensland became involved when various persons manipulated the waiting list for public housing. The Minister Robert Scharten`s office assured me the waiting list could not possibly be manipulated. But this was done at the Capalaba office and with the assistance of workers within Queensland Mental Health. Senior Sergeant David Nevin`s core group of proud Neo-Fascist thinking officers were ready to step in the same as Neo-Fascist mental health workers, tried to do but I turned the problem back on the Senior Officer, Valmi Sinkinson, with the help of the new local maintenance manager of Housing Queensland who did not agree with Sinkinson`s allegations.

This type of networking is unethical, immoral and it harms all of us. My Police statement of 26 01 05 shows the corruption. This statement to the Capalaba Police started the stone walling 2005 till now 2015. No one has ever contacted me about this.

This letter of complaint delivered to the Capalaba Police, below shows QUEENSLAND HOUSING SENIOR OFFICER VALMA SINKINSON called me in for an interview about my T-shirts. Until Valma Sinkinsons untill these unacceptable behaviors by Queensland Housing are examined by honorable people this will never be resolved. All of my wins in the Courts prove beyond a doubt that its not me that is the problem. Maybe these behaviours could be investigated at some time in the future by a new National Integrity Commission?

When in the world does a public housing commission get the idea it has anything what so ever to with FREE SPEACH ? Especially when my problems were with the corrupt Police Department and corrupt Labor Party. I hadn’t had a problem with Queensland Housing until Velma Sinkinson called me in for this interview. The Labor Party has its people in all Government Departments it would appear.

Actually as it turned out no one in Senior Management of Queensland Housing helped me.




[ Queensland Mental Health and Queensland Housing continuously helped Craig to the detriment of all the other tenants,especially me. Craig Young has a criminal history 30 mm thick.]

2nd assault;  by my neighbor 05/09/2008.

Hearing date set for 9 am the 19th of August 2009. The Magistrate referred the matter to Justice Mediation which failed because Craig failed to attend.
This case has been moved to Brisbane Magistrates Court 20 for a hearing on 04/05/2010.

    1. 3rd assault has taken place on 01/03/2010.
    1. Update: As of 15/03/2010, he has still not been charged. Five… months to charge someone for common assault.

On 29/09 2010, the Capalaba Police have notified me that he has been charged and given a notice to appear on 21/12/2010.

UPDATE: 18/03/2011 Found Guilty with a $300.00 Peace and good behavior bond for 6 months.

Click on  10th Assault    UPDATE: 01-01-2014 Letters and replies shows the bias and corruption of Queensland Housing in conjunction with the Capalaba Police in this matter.

I have again been assault by my Neighbor Craig. On 07/10/2008 I went to the Capalaba Police Station and gave a statement to Constable Searston that on September 5th 2008 I had again been assaulted by Craig. I gave Constable Searston a statutory declaration of a witness to the event. Constable Searston has visited Craig and Craig refused to make a statement. On Friday 7th of November Craig was given a notice to appear, by the police, at Cleveland Court on the 11th of December 2008. I am very interested to see how this is handled by the Police Prosecution and Magistrate. I`ve been charged, arrested and convicted 3 times for public nuisance including disorderly behavior, offending a police officer, obstruction of a police officer. None of which was true and proven by my wins in the District Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. I will be following this very closely to see if Craig is prosecuted with the same aggressiveness for physical assault that I was for all of the above lies.

And Queensland Mental Health does nothing but tell you to phone the police if the mental patient dosen`t improve. An injustice system.

There is a premise that if you live in a society you obey the laws of that society.

Craig has pleaded not guilty and a hearing date has been set for 9 am the 19th of August 2009.

The Magistrate referred the matter to the Dispute Resolution of Justice Mediation and I objected to this as it was impossible to have any meaningful mediation with a mentally ill person but the Magistrate insisted. I attended a meeting with a justice mediation officer and they phoned me a week later saying they could not mediate the problem as Craig refused to attend.

Update; Hearing date has been set for the 4th of May 2010 Court #20, Brisbane Magistrates Court at 9 AM.

Update on 2nd assault 08/05/2010

The persecutor Sergeant Troy Newman reduced the charge from common assault to public nuisance due to “insufficiency of evidence”. I repeatedly told him I did not want the charge reduced and I wanted the Magistrate to know I was dead set against this, but the persecutor refused stating; He could not win the charge of assault for two reasons. The witness would not be credible because he was a friend of mine and it was a phone hook up and this was also not credible. My life is in danger from this mentally ill person and I have no recourse. When I asked the Sergeant what Star Chamber makes these decision he said his boss Inspector Ede agreed with the reduced charge. Craig was put on a 6 month Peace and good behavior bond which is meaningless due to Craig mental condition.

UPDATE: 3/09/2017 I still had not installed CCTV cameras to protect myself at this stage.So the cameras can`t be blamed for these bashing’s. 

As of 20-12-2013 as this web site shows there have been another 7 assaults in the last 2 years. 

I sure got it right when I called it an INJUSTICE SYSTEM.

Update; 3rd assault 01/03/2010 again with a witness Craig is yet to be charged.

I paid $74.00 for a “Peace and good behavior order” against Craig on February 26th, 2010, but the Magistrate would not grant the order until after the hearing for the 2nd assault on 04/05/2010.

Update 18/03/2011 Craig was found guilty of assault and put on a good behavior bond of $300.00 for 6 months. Interestingly when the persecution handed up Craig`s known history to the Magistrate it was one inch or (30 mm ) thick. This gives weight to my first police statement (above) of 26/01/2005 that Housing Queensland workers and mental health workers as well as the police knew what his behavior was like when they moved Gary to Cleveland. Housing Queensland then moved Craig into that unit. They told Gary it would quieter in Cleveland.

This act by Queensland Housing backed up by the support from Queensland Mental Health and stonewalling by the corrupt Queensland Police has to be investigated because of Craig Youngs past criminal history of 30 mm thick which involve the same behaviors committed against me. 

UPDATE: 7/04/2016 

I`ve been threatened with a Breach of Tenancy by Queensland Housing that my CCTV cameras have to be taken down,which I have done until I can get legal advice and special permission. In early 2012 I had received a phone call by the then area manager that I could not have cameras in my yard but that they had to be attached to my unit,which I complied with. This took place during the assault with the large rock that my neighbor threw at me just missing my head. See 4th and 5th assault in menu. I, luckily, had a witness and won in Court. I can’t prove the phone call at this stage. All the other assaults had NO witnesses. The only proof I had was my CCTV cameras. Now they have taken away my ability to prove in court any future matters that may arise.

But be assured I will be working on this matter.   

UPDATE 29/08/2017  I am now awaiting written permission or denial for my CCTV. As per my agreement with Housing Queensland to get the feelings of the tenants at 90 Mt. Cotton Road. I have complied with this request and all were in complete agreement for me to have the cameras.

results I`ll be posting these shortly 16/12/2017

UPDATE: 1-01-2018   I will let this communication explain the situation as it stands. I think  I have waited long enough for a reply in writing.( 4 months )

Any persons preferably, with a background in Queensland Law, or other knowledgeable person in Health and Safety that could give me advise and directions in how to fight this problem with Queensland Housing please get in touch with me thru the contact form at the end of the menu bar, not at the end of this page. Sometimes I get hundreds of comments that I cant possible read. Having a bit of a background in Sociology I’ve had an interest in Public Housing ever since collage.


Reply to my request 

I then went to Queensland Housing and had an interview with the Property Department and had an interview with Cisco and we had a wide ranging discussion. Cisco said he would turn over all his notes and my photo`s to his manager Celeste.Next he phoned me and wanted me to write a letter to get the feelings of the other tenants in the building,which I agreed to do. There is a witness to the phone conversation.

The photos showing the placement of the cameras as shown to all the tenants and showing the latest vandalism in the parking area.

I can prove this was vandalism.











Also I`ll be posting matters concerning second hand Tabaco smoke within 2 meters of residents windows and doors as well as  other areas concerning mental health.



Jobs Association Incorporated

Also known as Jobs Inc. Jobs Association Incorporated was an Employment Organization with funding from the Department of Education Employment and Training. In my opinion Jobs Inc. was getting into inappropriate and unethical attempts at funding itself through fraudulent submissions to the Gaming Machine Community Benefit Fund. I wrote a statutory deceleration stating Jobs Inc. was corrupt and gave it to the Bayside Bulletin.

The influence of the Labor Forum Faction is strong in the Redlands area. It has kept its choice of people in government or as candidates for many years. Jobs Inc. was run by Joan Budd who was Labor`s returning officer. She worked with Jim Elder the then Deputy Premiere; her husband John Budd worked for Henry Palaszcuk then in Primary Industries. Joan Budds son Shawn Hipkins is political advisor to the local member of Parliament Michael Choi… It goes on and on…[Page 90 Sunday Mail news.com.au December 10 2000]. Joan Budd, John Budd, the Deputy Premier Jim Elder and many others were all kicked out of the Labor Party after the Sheperson Inquiry.


Mail Tampering

My communication with the Federal Ombudsman was interfered with by Police and postal workers. I received this letter completely opened and without a postmark impression. These corrupt Neo-Fascist Police needed to know that no Federal agent was going to be looking over their shoulder as they continued the government’s cover up. This is the only time in 40 years that I`ve had a problem with my mail.

Only a seriously biased person could think all of these incidences are coincidences.

This is the first time in my life that I have been arrested. The only other time I was finger printed was in 1957 when I joined the US Navy. I carried a side arm as a permanent shore patrol petty officer and worked out of a Police station.

This is only the beginning of my indignation at a corrupt Government that cannot survive without a corrupt Police Service.





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