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As to being able to locate the second person the blond haired man. I told Senior Constable Shane Dan on the evening of the assault that it was a premeditated hit. But of course he already knew that since he was involved. That`s why he refused to arrest him and verbalized my statement with his lies. It is also why he waited several weeks to look for him.They were trying to figure out how they were going to handle me. Dan and the rest of these corrupt Police Officers knew exactly where the blond man was. The blond man was one of corrupt Assistant Commissioner Alan Honor`s hand picked operatives. They were blackmailing Paul Daniel Philp into bashing me. It was a classical hit and cover-up. Senior Constable Dan arrested Philp on another matter and the police operative was allowed to walk away to never be found and all the while it was the blond police operative who organized the hit on me that night and the “hit” or bashing was controlled by the squad leader,mentioned below.

As to the rules of evidence, why is a person not allowed to make a statement that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I can identify two Police Officers who intimidated and bullied me months before the assault. And after the assault the intimidation increased ten fold to the point that Queensland Civil Liberties or someone in the know had someone put plainclothes guards next to me while I was busking for many weeks. They knew I was telling the truth about the bulling, intimidation and assault and they knew it was Assistant Commissioner Alan Honor`s QPS Officers doing it.

Detective Senior Constable Ian Hansen never answered my letter or got in touch with me in any way whatsoever. What a bunch of corrupt Police Officers to handle a premeditated assault in this way. It proves that the Police are corrupt.

The tape I made with Inspector Russell Miller in my home shows the proof I had. I told him I could identified one of the corrupt Police Officers. I can identify others as well. A COVER-UP.

I know a lot more about the blond man than they think I do. I had observed him on the street for approximately three years before the assault. I even had a conversation with him many weeks after the assault and from this these corrupt Police assumed I could not identify him, they were wrong.

UPDATE ; 04/03/2017  The pocketknife in this case has an interesting story; To come later.

I complained and complained to the Police and the Crime and Misconduct Commission. I even gave my local member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee Michael Choi, documents on this web site. He presented it to the PCMC. When I asked him what the PCMC `s response was, he said, they said, “ITS A POLICE MATTER”

And of course as I would expect no further contact from the Chief Superintendent, Operations Coordinator, Metropolitan North Region. Never once a letter or phone call. So much for Ross Musgrove`s letter and it eludes to what political advisers are.

A Police and Government COVER-UP.


UPDATE 18/03/2010

I’ve had corrupt officers come up to me on the street in Capalaba while I was protesting just to see if I recognize them but I acted the same as when the blond QPS assailant did it and pretended not to recognize them.

The collusion of acting Inspector David Nevin`s Fascist Police Officers at Capalaba Central Shopping Center before the Cop Shop was moved back to Capalaba Park Shopping Center proves my point of corruption. They used CC video surveillance of Capalaba Central to get my reactions. They took one of the cops that I can identify, as I told Inspector Miller, as a squad leader of the group of cops that intimidated , bullied and eventually bashed me using the Blond man.They placed him with a baby on his knee in the food court. The Police`s Sergeant Thomson and center security knew my routine of walking past this area very early each day Just me, him and the baby the only people there.(Funny that).

I just shook my head in disgust but said nothing. This is the first time I`ve seen him since after the premeditated bashing of February 1999 of which he was the squad leader. This Police Officer came past me one night in plain clothes clinching his fist in agitation, as he swerved and headed straight at me, I thought it was my end,because he is a very large man, but he decided to keep going past me. His demeanor was full of hate because he and his crew were getting in trouble because I would not shut up about the premeditated bashing.

Shortly after this Sergeant Michael Geoffrey Thomson issued me with the move on notice while displaying my signs on Redland Shire Counsels property outside the Shopping Centre.

The connection between Retired Assistant Commissioner Alan Honor`s Fascist Officers and Acting Inspector David Nevin`s Fascist Officers at Capalaba is, in my opinion, now complete.

I’ve been assaulted by my mentally ill next door neighbor nine times now. The latest assault of 31-03-2013 was a punch to the jaw. Constable Grant Kennedy 4030955 and Constable Fuglevik 40430006 both (In my opinion) perverted the course of justice by deciding there was not enough evidence to charge Craig. These assaults never get to a Magistrate. The Police decide what is a crime.

I received a cracked rib from Craig on 12-11 2012. Constable Melanie Fuglevik 4030006, Occurrence QP1201153424 has not contacted me as of 10-06-2013. He is not to be charged.

{ click 7th assault }

Update 06-08-2014; He is not to be charged, I`m told there is no medical evidence of the assault. The assault took place on a Sunday and by Monday I had a slight bruise from the punch so I didn’t go to the Doctor or get x-rays. The Police didn’t tell me I had to get medical proof. The psychotic with a seriously significant past history of this behaviour is not charged but left to assault me again and again.

                  Seriously Corrupt Uneducated Morons. 

 He was moved in next to me by the corrupt workers in Housing Queensland and Mental Health to continue the intimidation and bullying.

See On Housing Queensland

I’ve received a letter from Metro South Health Service District at the Redlands Hospital 26/11/2008 stating “the issues I have raised have been thoroughly investigated and that my concerns have been noted.” Yet both Departments, Housing and Mental Health continued to complain that I and my CCTV cameras were causing the problem as well as support Craig in his behaviour.

On and on it goes and nothing changes.

Click on 8th,9th and 10th Assaults to see not only the corruption of the Capalaba Police but Queensland Housing as well. 

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