My Experience

With this link I’ve tried to show a few things to do and not do if you chose to fight our Red, White and Blue corrupt Neo-Fascist Queensland State Government and it’s corrupt Neo-Fascist Police Service. If they were doing to you what they are still doing to me, you too would be disappointed with our so-called Democracy. When liberty and justice fails one of us it fails all of us. One day like me it may happen to you. AS IT DID ON PALM ISLAND with the death in custody of Doomadgee under the knee of Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, as it has done with Doctor Mohamed Haneef, as it has done with David Hicks. CRIME and MISCONDUCT COMMISSION corrupt as AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY. And now its attempted murder by a psychotic arsonist. See Update 11-11-2011 above. Unit fire.

If we don`t have freedom of information we can`t have freedom of speech to speak out on government and political matters. As Julian Assange tries to escape the predatory arms of Uncle Sam’s he’s doing more for freedom than George Washington did with “I cannot tell a lie” Washington D C does lie and it has to be exposed. Good on you Julian and all the rest of the people who fight the lies, cover-ups and corruption.

My purpose here is to help those who have been stitched up, or those who may be framed, bullied or intimidated by a corrupt Neo-Fascist Queensland Police Service. My experience as an activist has been that the Magistrates Courts take the Police’s words as truth. In Queensland some cops lying under oath and perverting the course of justice doesn’t raise many eyebrows.

People come up to me almost daily with similar stories of Police corruption. I’m amazed there are so many. Most are not on the Internet. I just got on recently to help fight this institutionalized corruption myself. I do have to reiterate there are good cops. No one wants to get a work mate in trouble so the Police cannot be in charge of investigating themselves. What is happening to me is a prime example.

After I repeatedly complained to the Police that my assailant was a policeman or police operative..I INFORMED QUEENSLAND CIVIL LIBERTIES and the CRIME AND MISCONDUCT COMMISSION as well as my local member of Parliament Michael Choi. It`s a Police matter I was told.

An Injustice System.

Queensland Legal Aid is a farce: They told me I could not win in Court against a charge of Public Nuisance and Obstruction of Police so they could not waste their budget on me. You can try them but don`t expect any help. They will probably tell you to plead guilty. As a self-litigant I am slowly winning but not everyone wants to fight for years.

In the Injustice System My experience with the Police that put me in the Queensland Court System is that they are part of the Injustice System

There are clear steps to take when you fight against unfair, unjust or unlawful charges.

Freedom of Information charges are waved in cases of hardship, the unemployed and age pensioners like myself but they charge you for information they determine is not related to your personnel affairs, like duty rosters or anything else you may need to know to defend yourself in your Injustice System.

Documents like transcripts,are purchased from is comming.————–

A corrupt Government needs a corrupt Police Service. The Police have the Department of Public Prosecutions as their defenders. If you cannot afford a lawyer you have to learn to defend yourself so help yourself and do not plead guilty unless of course you are. At the very least you get a chance to tell your story. If the Magistrate finds you guilty remember you have 28 days to go to the District Court Registrar and lodge an appeal to the District Court. Get them to help you with the form. Once you get to the District Court they listen a bit more carefully so you are in with a chance. If you lose here also you can still appeal to the Appellant Court. An Injustice System.

I would like to recognize and thank some of the people that have helped me as a self-litigant.

Jeff Morton; President of Self-Litigants Association A tireless worker for self-litigants {deceased}                                                                                                                       Lillian Geddes self-litigant and teacher. And others who helped me organizer and prepare my case but who wish to go unnamed.

And a very special thanks to CAXTON LEGAL CENTRE. I`ve finally met some good lawyers fighting this injustice. They argued my last Appeal and won the Appeal, Cost and had the conviction quashed saving me the $250 fine for Public Nuisance.

Should the Queensland Government and it`s employees be allowed to intimidate, bully and bash artist and musicians who are speaking out against the states corruption?

Since the very beginning of this people have been using what happened to me for their own political purposes from Queensland Civil Liberties past president Ian Dearden, (promoted by our corrupt Queensland A L P government to a District Court Judge) after the Sheperson Inquiry. Inspector Russel Miller was discussing my compliant with the Head of the CIB Metro North Diversion the day I phoned him 19/01/2000, It was on the tape I gave to Ian Dearden. And these corrupt SCUM Police Officers, Senior Constable Shane Dan and Constable Dave Sheedy on the evening of the premeditated assault by the Police operative, I wonder what they will be promoted to?

UPDATE:14/09/2016 It`s never ending.


An Injustice System.

On the 3 separate occasions I tried to get help from the CRIME AND MISCONDUCT COMMISSION I got the same reply “It`s a Police matter”