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Capalaba Police motivated by vexatious and lying complainant Snr. Sergeant Roweta. Also the song lyrics that caused the Government and Police bullying, intimation and bashing as well as the lies and perjury of Acting Inspector David Nevin in charge of the Capalaba Police and Sergeant Thomsons corrupt boss.

Two Police Officers came up to me on Friday 07 12 07, while I was conducting my protest at the corner of Morton Bay Rd. and Finucane Rd. They gave me a verbal warning that they had received a phone complaint that I had been running with my signs along the footpath and could be subject to arrest for public nuisance because it was distracting motorist. I have pictures of the last State and Federal election supporter’s getting right on the curb and I never have. Many times they wave their signs and I never do. I only want the public to read my signs.


The sign was CORRUPT COPS = CORRUPT STATE and CORRUPT GOVERNMENT NEEDS CORRUPT POLICE. The complaint was untrue and I`m sure motivated by the content of the signs. The supporters of Police and Government corruption are still trying to circumvent section 109 of the Australian Constitution with the Queensland Summary Offenses Act 2005 PART 2 Division 1 #6

Section 109 of the Australian Constitution states; When a law of a state is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the inconsistencies, be invalid.

Queensland Summary Offenses Act 2005 PART 2 Division 1, Par 6

{A} Public nuisance; A person commits a public nuisance offense if the person behaves in [1] a disorderly way or [2] an offensive way or [3] a threatening way or [4] a violent way

{B} a persons behavior interferes, or is likely to interfere, with the peaceful passage through, or enjoyment of, a public place by a member of the public.

Coleman v Power High Court [2004] HCA 39 decision has already decided that freedom of speech on Government and Political matters exist but these Queensland Neo-Fascist Police and Government are doing all they can to stop my free speech with the public using the new Public Nuisance Law.

In Queensland each person who speaks out on corruption has to fight through the entire Court system. Our corrupt Government controls and denies freedom of speech in this manner.

You have to really work hard for the myth FREEDOM of speech in Queensland.

FOI As to vexatious complainant.

This vexatious motorist complainant Senior Sergeant Roweta turns out to be just one more biased redneck conservative Fascist cop that does`t want attention brought to our corrupt Government and corrupt Police Service.

Four years now and no one has been bothered but these redneck Labor Party and Fascist cops.

At the last Federal election not Senior Sergeant Roweta or anyone else complained about these people or this sign being on the median strip at this crosswalk where I protest.

Why don’t the cops arrest politicians for doing exactly the same thing I`m doing, holding up a sign at the side of the road.

I`m getting the impression that they are trying to shut me up.



It`s always been about the content of the signs but of course they can’t admit that.

Me at the exact same place with my signs yet our corrupt Government and Corrupt Police have arrested me three times on lies and trumped up charges of Public Nuisance, Obstructing Police, Disorderly Behavior and now Offending Police.

Police warning that I could be subject to arrest if a member of the public complains about my protest on the footpath. It would appear that any Fascist thinking person can control and deny free speech in Queensland by complaining to corrupt Police, even if the complaint is a lie. Good cops don’t take any notice of this stupidity, however our corrupt Government and Police use and send these people to make complaints against citizens that speak out against the state. The complainant was Senior Sergeant Roweta.

If that’s not Fascism what is?

Queenslands finest “bullshit”

All I`m doing is trying, unsuccessfully, to use my Constitutional rights to free speech.

But after all this is Queensland and the Australian Constitution does not work here. State Law of Public Nuisance allows Police to be offended at anything they choose, which directly eliminates freedom of speech.

The entire Nation of Australia knows that Queensland still has a corrupt redneck Police Service. Ray Whitrod an ex-commissioner who resigned when then Premier Bjelke Peterson appointed the corrupt Terry Lewis as commissioner, even stated years later that the Fitzgerald Inquiry only cleaned up about half of the corruption. I`ve experienced some of the other half who are still in power. Ray Whitrod also stated the Queensland Police were uneducated.

An authoritarian totalitarian state that does not allow dissent is Fascist

These corrupt liars use witnesses that are chemically addicted, as they did in my first arrest, and easy to blackmail, as well as the mentally ill suffering from psychosis that are easy to manipulate, as in all the 10 assaults by Craig Young. These corrupt Police and their supporters lie about witnesses and events that don’t exist simply because they can get away with it.

And they have been doing so for decades. I’m learning how they bait you into doing or saying something that they can then charge you with. They are a sneaky bunch of Fascist.

Corrupt cops know just how to do you.

The Queensland Police Service selects the personality types it chooses to employee, to train and promote within it`s ranks as does any other organization. The Police Union, Police Service and Administrators choose these uneducated authoritarian personality types expressly for their lack of empathy and compassion towards there fellow citizens. It reeks of Hitler’s Fascist authoritarian and totalitarian ideology. The only saving grace is that good well rounded personalities get into the ranks as well. I see the juxtaposition of good and evil, yen and yang, played out on a daily basis right here in my local suburbs.

What’s the answer? You tell me at,

I have signed a Sworn and Attested AFFIDAVIT at Cleveland in front of a JUSTICE OF THE PEACE on 18th of March 2008 and submitted it to the Magistrate that.

“During the booking process from Sergeant Thomson`s 1st arrest a Senior Officer, referrer to as Boss and whom I now know, from FOI, and by sight, was Senior Sergeant David Nevin, entered the room from my left and looked at me and said to the group of Officers in the room.”There`s the fool”. and I responded in like kind “You`re the fool”. Senior Sergeant Nevin then went on to have a conversation with another Officer who had entered the room. The two Officers were in complete agreement as to there being nothing wrong with Fascism they both had German relatives and ancestors and were proud of their heritage.{All of the other Officers got up and left the room}”

Senior Sergeant Nevin has been promoted to “Acting Inspector” and under cross examination by me he denies that conversation ever took place and said he does not have German heritage. I had to pay $80.00 to subpoena him but it was worth it to get his testimony under oath and on the public record.


I Zig Heiled Nevin a few weeks before Thomson`s 2nd arrest.


“One of us is making a false statement under sworn oath.”

And it`s not me.

In 15 years of playing music I never had a problem in restaurants, pubs or busking until I wrote these songs.

The song lyrics that caused the relentless intimidation, bullying and bashing by the Government.

“SOMETHING IS WRONG” Copyright 29/04/98

[Chorus] Something is wrong when the system has to be saved rather than the way of life the system is supposed to serve.

The economist and politicians give us the working poor, they say we need more prisons but it’s the other end the children we should help more.

Our basic personality is established by the age of six no one gets a say in how they were fixed.


I think you’ll agree it ain`t all going according to plan, global warming-ozone, we don’t need a hero we need all of us to stand.

Over seventeen hundred senior scientist say we’re growing too fast, we’ve got to stop growing and overpopulating if anything is to last.

And so the world goes on boom and bust it’s not the new world order or globalization but steady state economics that I trust.


“P C B BLUES” Copyright 29/04/98

Now everybody gets the blues and the blues can be very disturbing, yea everybody gets the blues and the blues can be very disturbing I recently got the blues I read there were hormone mimics in my bourbon, I read further and got those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, I don’t know what the future holds but I think we ought to choose.

Now to subjectively deny your place in biology, I said, to subjectively deny your place in biology is just foolish conservative fundamentalist ideology, and it gives me those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, I don’t know what the future holds but we shouldn’t be led by blind fools.

Cheap food is no reason to overpopulate, cheap food exist because of the chemical cocktail you and I create, the problems of growth cannot be cured by more growth andI get those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, I don’t know what the future holds but I think we ought to choose.

Now we don’t need a petrol space station between earth and the stars, no we don’t need a petrol space station between earth and the stars, our future is here in our body tissue not some bacterium on Mars and I get those, hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, those hormone disrupting persistent chemical PCB blues, I don’t know what the future holds but I think we ought to choose.

We cannot believe we have experimented on ourselves, our children and our children’s children, no we can not believe we have experimented on ourselves, our children and our children’s children, we’re in such great denial we won’t deal with this burden and I get those, hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, those hormone disrupting, persistent chemical PCB blues, I don’t know what the future holds but I think we ought to choose.

[PCB`s are Polychlorinated Biphenyls and are linked to attention deficit and hyperactivity in 5 to 10 % of children and myriad health problems, they are not biodegradable] PCB`s were banned from production in all but 1 or 2 countries.

“YOU`RE A GREENIE” Copyright 18/03/99

If you like breathing fresh air, You’re a greenie if you like water that is clear, You’re a greenie.

If you despise killing the tizza for gold, you’re a greenie, if you feel the 20 over 80-denominator world has little soul, you’re a greenie.

If you think each child should have the potential to be all it can be, you’re a greenie, if you think there may be more to the meaning of life than what’s in it for me, you’re a greenie.

If you know continued growth in a finite world brings continued destruction, you’re a greenie, if you know the pattern of existence is woven of antagonistic cooperation, you’re a greenie.

If you feel fashion is a decease of the human mind, you’re a greenie, if you believe the Tobin tax could help reduce corporate crime; you’re a dark green greenie.

If you dislike poisoning the yet unborn you’re a greenie, if your beginning to question the chemical world into which you were born, you’re a greenie.

But above all else remember this one thing, if you like breathing fresh air, you’re a greenie.

I also wrote “Solar Van” copyright 04/02/99 and “Epitaph” copyright 17/03/99

“Solar Van”

Chorus: Solar Van, Solar Van, We`re gona build ourselves a Solar Van. Now everybody`s gona get one , it`ll be lots of fun, our thermodynamic Solar Van.

It`ll be a low entropy panel van that will haul lots of loads, we`re half way there our forefather have built the roads. It`ll have a small pollution free motor, a battery or two so we can get around at night and rainy days to see the view.


Instead of nuclear reactors and fossil fuels to old mother nature and ourselves we`ll be less cruel. We`ll take old Hubble and turn it around and look real heard at where we`er bound without our necessary Solar Van.

Now we`ll have to scale down many of the things we want to get around in our low entropy Solar Van. In stead of one big truck hauling one big load we`ll all be employed running up and down the road in our thermodynamically sound Solar Van.


Now we`ll have just one design and keep improving till the end of time our low entropy thermodynamically sound Solar Van. We desperately need to treat the earth as if it were god. I`m sure Gaia would answer back with a big friendly nod for our Solar Van.

Chorus: end


Chorus: Sometimes the fight for freedom is not always on some foreign shore, maybe freedoms fight has always been here and now just outside the door.

They threatened him with violence and show him the syringe. They want to get rid of him bad man because he really makes them cringe.

It`s hard for some to realize that new thinking needs a chance. Money and Power are false goals but some can`t change their stance.

We`ve lost control of direction of ourselves in this life of strife. The control of things and people become the substitute for the control of ones own life.


So they killed him for speaking out and singing anti-establishment songs, he wasn`t really mad or bad he just wanted to help right some social wrongs.

Someone once asked him if there was anything he would die for I hope he now knows it was freedom nothing less, nothing more.

Chorus: end.


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