Latest Update on 3rd Arrest Appeal

Latest update on 3rd arrest appeal.

The Department of Public Prosecutions has conceded my argument, as prepared by Caxton Legal Centre. This means the orders sought Appeal allowed; Conviction quashed; and Cost of $1,650.00.

27 October 2008 the DISTRICT COURT ordered the appeal be allowed. That the conviction and sentence orders that were imposed on 28 March in the Magistrates Court be set aside. That the Respondent pays the cost of $1650.00 for the appeal to Caxton Legal Centre.

I would like to give a very special thanks to all of you that have honked your horns,all those thumbs up, kind words on the street and those who have come up to me in the shopping center.All the young people, oldies like me, and everyone in between.The e-mails and the good cops that are still supporting me even after being told not to.Thanks for your support. We will win this and make things better for us all.Many of the ingredients are already in place in the west for authoritarian, totalitarian governments to once again try and control the world like Germany and Italy did prior to World War 2. United States, Britain, Israel, Australia and it starts with the kind of things they are doing to me.Not to mention what the war mongering bastards are still doing in the middle east.
And they pretend they are about liberty, freedom and justice what “bullshit.“SPIN, SPIN, SMOKE AND MIRRORS

Below are my arguments to the, District Court of Appeal, as prepared by Caxton Legal. My case was so strong that the Police Prosecution declined to go to a hearing and paid the cost of $1650.00 to Caxton Legal. A full hearing would have cost the Police much more if they lost. The below appeal was won against the capricious learned Magistrate Cornack.


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