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This is my Stationary Deceleration as given to the Bayside Bulletin and the then local LNP Member of Parliament
This was my first experience with the filthy corruption of the QUEENSLAND LABOUR PARTY.
page 1
stat.dec. 1996 pg 1
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stat. dec. 1996 pg 2
page 3
stat. dec.1996 pg 3
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stat. dec. 1996 pg 4
After the Sheperpson Inquiry Some 28 of so called Heller`s Nazis in the ALP were kicked out of the Labor Party, according to the Courier Mail, also Joan Budd,returning officer for labor and Jim Elder the then Deputy Premier were kicked out of the Labor Party.
As 2018 rolls in these Labor Party people are still doing everything they can to cause me problems, well its supposed to be a free country and I am doing the same thing to them as long as we act within the law. I am. Are they? 

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