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Below I’ve listed the reasons our corrupt Queensland Government had to silence me using it`s corrupt Police Force and link to steady state economics web site.

As far back as 1995 while I was mostly unemployed and busking I began doing a lot of reading that eventually took on the form of research into environmental and economic issues. Of the many books and subjects I researched was Dr. David Suzuki`s T V programs and books. Of the many bibliographies I researched I found a reference to Herman E. Daly and specifically his book,


Prior to reading Daly`s books I had become very pessimistic about the future of humanity with our rush to Globalization through ProGrowth Economics. Remember this was well over a decade ago, but Daly had something new to say, Steady State Economics. I had never heard the term before and economics was not a subject I was comfortable with. As I studied and researched I began to get a profound respect for this man and his work. At last I was beginning to come out of my pessimism and loss of hope for humanity. Again thanks to Dr. Suzuki information on the “world scientist warning to humanity” ( Recently referred to by Al Gore in his “An Inconvenient Truth”) I wrote the Union of Concerned Scientist and got permission to photo copy their brochure. I began handing it out while I was busking in Brisbane in the late nineties.

I had finally come to understand something that was revolutionary in it`s concept, Steady State Economics, not the same old boom and bust of pro-growth economics with it`s ever increasing population expansion that was destroying everything around me but an exciting new way forward.For those interested in steady state economics see; casse I was also becoming aware that the Queensland Government was more frightened by steady state economics than a communist revolution, or an old hippy like me, because there was no need for violence or revolution, we could save ourselves easily with a new economic system. Hence the song “Something Is Wrong” and it`s chorus I wrote in 1998 and the Queensland Police told me to shut up or someone is going to do you. Their warning was not a bluff, they sent 2 men to bash the hell out of me. One of these men is a cop. They are still covering it up. And later in protest to expose this corruption. The arrest for Public Nuisance they put their lies about me in the news paper but my win in the Courts against all the lies are not made public. In Australia they have old saying that fits this behaviour. It`s RAT SHIT.

“Something is wrong when the system has to be saved, rather than the way of life the system is suppose to serve.”

I got this sentence from my university days. It`s a sentence from Professor B. F. Skinners book “Beyond Freedom and Dignity.”
Skinner is considered by many to be the father of behavioral psychology.


I just got this info below and it confirms all of the reasons for my continued protest.

Working Group III contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

IPCC scan

So when I was busking these corrupt Police and Labor Party Nazis repeatedly told me to shut up I told them repeatedly to

“go to hell.”
Four Labor Party men in suits were responsible for my blood on Edward street one evening before the premeditated bashing by the blonde Police operative. They stopped and listened to my song “Something is wrong” and then became extremely upset at my replies about what I considered a corrupt Beattie Labor Government. They then asked me “but what about” X-Premier Wyane “Goss?” and I replied “I thought he was a crook as well.” They then became even more indignant and the head suit stepped close to me and  said “I`ll take care of you.” And only a few weeks later,Police Assistant Commissioner`s Allan Honor`s goons bashed me in the premeditated assault that is still being covered up.
I`ll elaborate on what they did at a later date.

The intimidation and bulling increased, after the bashing, to being shown a used syringe by two men on Edward Street one night with the certain meaning that if I didn`t shut up someone was going to do me again and much more permanently this time. I have a half dozen instances of intimidation like this, after the assualt but I wouldn`t shut up just as now well over a decade later and I`m still going strong. Half of these incidences concern good cops helping me. The Labor Party already hated me for personally handing my “Statutory Declaration” to Brian Hurst at the Redlands Times and the then local LNP member of State Parliament about the corruption of Jobs. Association Inc. with Joan Budd and her Fascist Labor Forum Faction in Capalaba.

My letter below was published by the Bayside Bulletin approximately a decade ago.

I think the answer to my question years later, “Will world heed warning?” is

                                 “Not soon enough to do any good.” 



                                         Will world heed warning?

A Recent warning to humanity by over 1700 of the world`s senior scientist states that human beings and the natural world are on a collision course.                                       Their warning states that “We have no more than one to a few decades to avert the threats we now confront.”   The threats to humanity are from overpopulation and degradation of the atmosphere, water resources, the oceans, the soil, the forest and biodiversity.  More than half the Nobel laureates alive today are signatories.  Interestingly Stephen Hawking is among this distinguished list.  I first heard of this at Dr. David Suzuki`s book signing in Brisbane.  The warning can be found in part in his book, “The Sacred Balance” and in full in Paul and Ann Ehrlich’s book “Betrayal of Science and Reason” or in publications from the Union of Concerned Scientist,26 Church Street,Cambridge MA 02238 USA.  When Dr. Suzuki told the group of over 600 people at the book signing of the urgency of these threats there was gasp from myself and others. Immediately several hands went up and the single question was, “Why are we just hearing of this? Dr. Suzuki answered, “The print and electronic media didn`t consider it newsworthy at the time.”   There are a great many people like myself who missed this warning to humanity.  I have found many solutions to the problems in Herman E Daly’s book “Economics,Ecology,Ethics: Essay Towards a Steady State Economy.                    Anti-environmentalist hide your heads in shame or argue with the best minds in the world.  – R J Courtney, Capalaba.





World Scientist warning0001











Update 15-04-2013 8th assault. I gave Police CCTV of a jug of hot scalding water thrown on me threw the screen door.



This picture shows my neighbor throwing a jug of scalding water right in my face and head. Luckily I got under cold water so I didn`t blister.


He`s been arrested and some matters have been moved from the Cleveland Magistrates Court to the Wynnum Magistrate Court for 22-08-2013 and he has been moved from this residence.




Below are snapshots of buckets of water thrown into my unit

taken from CCTV footage given to police.

water in door time 12 01 34

water on screen time 12 01 39

Water thrown time

water thrown time 12 01 39

water on door time 12 04 08

water in door 12 01 39 time water on screen

water on door time 12 04 04

Update 31-03-2013 9th Assault. He`s taken to punching now this is elder abuse by the state

9th ASSAULT:    31-03-2013 My psychotic neighbour punched me in the face as I was going out of my front door.Constable Grant Kennedy of the Capalaba Police didn`t even bother to get an Occurrence Number for this assault. Again no witnesses or CCTV and the cop takes Craigs denial of the assault over mine and does nothing once again.





These letters show Queensland Housings complicity in this matter.

Qld. Housing about remidy of breach
Picture 001


If I am the problem as these letters from Queensland Housing suggest. Why has Craig been arrested and moved from this address,after the 10th assault,and why have just a few of these matters been moved from the Cleveland Court and placed in the Wynnum Court? and of 28/05/2014 moved to the Brisbane Magistrates Court for mention. One of these matters had been up for mention 16 times. For a man with a 30 mm or 1 inch thick stack of past criminal history Craig Young was getting a lot of help.


This smells of corruption.


The rest left behind a stone wall of “a perversion of justice”. These cops say there is not enough evidence to prosecute. As a result of this I`m assaulted again.

Picture 005

Picture 006

Corruption of bias and perversion of justice in the Cleveland Court.

This compliant was never acted on. Craig Young was not charged with this crime.






Update 15-08-2013 10th Assault He`s been arrested.



My experience shows that in Queensland there is no relationship of trust between the elderly,the Police,Queensland Housing and Queensland Mental Health.

10 th Assault;

Punched in the face,by Craig,with his fist again. Doctors report shows no fracture of the right jaw on this occasion.

Digital Camera

FINALLY he has been arrested and moved from this residence.  This has been allowed to continue for 10 assaults on an elderly person for over 10 years.

UPDATE; 16/05/2017 There were no witnesses to this assault but the police did arrest him and got a conviction. WHY was he arrested this time when all the other police told me it was my word against Craigs. But not this time. WHY,WHY.

This matter has been taken away from the Cleveland Court and put in the Wynnum Court where Craig has been given time to get his medication sorted out. Well this was just more stonewalling. He never did get medicated. AND the stonewalling of any action persisted in the Wynnum Courts as well. It was later moved to the Brisbane Courts 

WHY all the bashings and stalking years before I installed my CCTV cameras if the cameras were the problem. 

UPDATE: 8/10/2014  In the Brisbane Magistrate Court,Craig Young was found guilty of 1 count of serious assault of a person over 60 years of age and breach of parole conditions. He was sentenced to 6 months prison with immediate parole for 15 months to run concurrent with past parole. He was also fined $250.00 for pain and suffering with 9 months to pay. Craig said in Court he would not pay the $1500.00 fine that was imposed on him for the willful destruction of 4 CCTV cameras. This will eventually go to S P E R and he won’t pay. No one is ever imprisoned for non payment of fines in Queensland. Craig kept arguing for an adjournment but the Magistrate said “NO” the matter had been up for mention 16 times before this one.

UPDATE 20/05/2014 : The rock assault,of 22/04/2012 has been moved to the Brisbane Magistrates Court # 20 on 21st and 22nd of July 2014 for Hearing. He was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months prison with immediate parole. Some of the matters he still faces. Other matters are still being stonewalled by the Capalaba Police. Two years to get this assault to the court. During this 2 year period I continued to be bashed by my mentally ill neighbour. The corrupt cops tell me to move. Click on 8th assault for some of the remaining matters that are outstanding.

 Why has it taken over a decade to do this ? Why was Gary moved to Cleveland and Craig moved into his unit beside me ? And why was Darren Jones, a know arsonist, moved into the unit above me? This should be obvious that corrupt Police and Queensland Housing are working together to try and stop my protest of informing the public about these matters.

All of these Government Departments have supported Craig`s position,in Court, of the cameras being the problem. I have them all on CCTV, including a recently retired mental health worker I’ve spoken to at the Cleveland Court, Middle Street helping Craig against me. Two Capalaba Police at the Police Station, one evening, told me in person Craig Young had an extensive criminal history. ( It would have been recorded). I already knew of his history I had seen it presented to the Magistrate at an earlier hearing. It was 30 mm thick.

Answer; The Capalaba Police don’t like me because of my protest. This shows their corruption by their “perversion of the course of justice.” Corrupt cops decide what is a crime not the courts. If the cops don’t like you they can “pervert the course of justice” by making sure the assaults never get to the Courts. The Capalaba Police really would like to see me move out of this area. I’ve been told, repeatedly, by Police to “just move”.


ON AND ON IT GOES. Police corruption by stonewalling and allowing these assaults and the letters showing Queensland Housings complicity in the corruption. It`s disturbing to note that Queensland Housing`s Senior Officer Velmi Sinkinsen had me in for a compliant about my T-shirts and helps a mentally ill man assault me. Am I the only one that can see the corruption?

Qld. Housing about remidy of breach
Picture 001

These 2 letters show the area manager is only looking at Craig Youngs side not all of the other tenants side or the numerous assaults and destruction of property Craig has inflicted on me,as well as the cost to the taxpayer for thousands of dollars of destruction to government property. The cost of Police time over the years is also in the thousands of dollars but all of these Fascist couldn’t care less.

If I am the problem as Queensland Housing,Queensland Mental Health and the Capalaba Police claim why was Craig arrested after the 10th assault? If I am the problem why have these assaults been taken away from the Cleveland Courts and put in the Wynnum Courts? and again 28/05/2014 moved to the Brisbane Magistrates Courts. I have repeatedly told the Police and anyone else that would listen that I can’t get justice in the Cleveland Courts.

This has become a serious embarrassment to the Queensland Police Service, the Cleveland Courts,Queensland Mental Health and Queensland Housing.

UPDATE: 30/09/2014 As to the right to have CCTV cameras.

Craig Young was fined $700.00, a conviction recorded and replacement cost of $120.00 for the 2 cameras he destroyed. And on 01/10/2014 he was fined $800.00 for destroying 2 more cameras and cost of $120.00.

I have been proven right about all of these matters in the Brisbane Magistrates Courts.

This shows the arguments about my cameras and Craig`s behavior by Queensland Police, Queensland Housing, Queensland Mental Health and the Cleveland Courts that I was causing all the problems were rubbish and without foundation as usual. Craig sure had a lot of help in bashing me,much to the delight of these corrupt people.

BUT, What excuse do all these government departments have for the stonewalling my complaints for 1 to 2 years while I`m still being assaulted by Craig Young???? 

Perhaps a few good cops can make a difference, perhaps not. These Government Departments just ignore any criticism of their own corruption.


I`ve had each of these departments examine aspects of of this ongoing problem. Each informed me they had taken note of my complaints. That`s all I`ve ever heard from them.

When Caesar question Caesar he`s always O K.

Below are snapshots of buckets of water thrown into my unit

taken from CCTV footage given to police.











The below picture is the scalding water assault,see 8th

assault, in menu.









UPDATE 27-04 2012 6th assault and hes not charged for this or even for kicking in my car door.


Craig Young was eventually charged for kicking in my car door but he was not convicted. He was never charged with busting my drivers side mirror.

6853 (2015_11_20 04_20_37 UTC)


Craig Young putting his cigarette butts out on my car hatch door.


Hatch door Craig Young kicked in with 2 witnesses but he’s not convicted because of confusion about the color of the car being Gold or Silver.


Assaulted with a large plastic container in my front door resulting in a swollen ankle.   Police do nothing again.

Craig with red container

As long as I`m the only person that experiences Craig`s bulling and intimidating behavior I`m the only one who suffers and is aware of it.


Copies of these photos were given to the Capalaba Police and three different Police Persecutors at the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

UPDATE 27-04-2012 : Pictures below show the rocks he threw at my camera on my porch and the rock in my hand is the one he threw at me just missing my head. There was a witness.

UPDATE 27-04-2012 Court date set and all parties were present.

As I stepped into the witness box for this matter,the prosecutor handed the Magistrate a document and the Magistrate canceled the hearing, we were told we would be informed when the matter would be heard the first of the year 2013.


Forth and fifth assault by Craig now being investigated by the Capalaba Police. 27-02-2012

I thought I heard laughter

Due to apparent bias by the Capalaba Police,over many years,in favor of a known mental patient over the 5 normal tenants, I have made and will remake a request that in the interest of justice to all concerned this matter be moved to the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Who would not try and protect themselves from a crazy man by installing CCTV cameras?

This stalking compliant given to the Capalaba Police.

stalking compliant

Yes I did hear laugher.

Capalaba Police have just informed me,14/03/2012, Craig will not be charged with assault only trespass. It would appear a mental patient with a serious history of this behavior is more convincing than I am at 73.

It`s elder abuse by the Capalaba Police as well as being very corrupt. They decide what is considered evidence.

The below statement given to the Capalaba Police.

statment to capalaba police

This system is corrupt as hell.

statment capalaba police 2
My signs are spot on.

statment capalaba police 3

statment capalaba police 4

Of the dozens of CCTV photos I gave to the Police, Sergeant Gough said “Craig had good explanations for looking in my windows.” Gough and all the rest of these cops were just doing the bidding of their bosses Sergeant Geoffrey Tompson and Senior Sergeant David Nevin, both were later promoted.
Interesting Detective Senior Constable Gibbs from the Cleveland Station,the Police Officer that investigated the arson attack by Darren Jones, my upstairs neighbor, was quite happy to have my CCTV photos as proof in court. But the Police at the Capalaba Station have a very strong bias against me.
This is corruption pure and simple.

I`m still hearing laughter.

They are going to keep doing these things until someone stops them.This all hangs on the witnesses statement that she “saw Craig pick up the red container and throw it at me. She didn`t see it hit my ankle because she closed the door.” She is ninety one and lucid. Others of us are in our seventies and lucid.

I didn’t even see it hit my ankle but I certainly did feel it. I don’t recommend you look at your feet when being assaulted by a crazy man. Its best to be looking at his face.

What is the alternative? Did I go inside and bash my own ankle with a cricket bat before I took the picture?

BUT POLICE SAY, repeatedly time after time,

“there is not enough evidence to charge him with assault”

This is why I’m documenting this.
Question; If Craig is not made responsible for his actions how is there any hope of him changing his behavior ?
Answer; The corrupt Queensland Police don’t want Craig to change his behavior. Below is my Statement and Police compliant.

page 1

Statment Sgt. Gough 1

page 2

Statment Sgt. Gough 2

page 3

statment Sgt. Gough 3



page 4

statment Sgt. Gough 4

page 5

statment Sgt.Gough 5

page 6

statment Sgt. Gough 6

page 7

statment Sgt.Gough 7

page 8

statment Sgt. Gough 8

page 9

statment Sgt. Gough 9



Stalking compliant ignored and stonewalled by Capalaba Police.

Attachment “A”

1st assault statement to Police 26-01-2012
Housing Queensland


My Experience

With this link I’ve tried to show a few things to do and not do if you chose to fight our Red, White and Blue corrupt Neo-Fascist Queensland State Government and it’s corrupt Neo-Fascist Police Service. If they were doing to you what they are still doing to me, you too would be disappointed with our so-called Democracy. When liberty and justice fails one of us it fails all of us. One day like me it may happen to you. AS IT DID ON PALM ISLAND with the death in custody of Doomadgee under the knee of Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, as it has done with Doctor Mohamed Haneef, as it has done with David Hicks. CRIME and MISCONDUCT COMMISSION corrupt as AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY. And now its attempted murder by a psychotic arsonist. See Update 11-11-2011 in the drop down window above [case & assaults].Unit fire.

If we don`t have freedom of information we can`t have freedom of speech to speak out on government and political matters. As Julian Assange tries to escape the predatory arms of Uncle Sam’s he’s doing more for freedom than George Washington did with “I cannot tell a lie” Washington D C does lie and it has to be exposed. Good on you Julian and all the rest of the people who fight the lies, cover-ups and corruption.

My purpose here is to help those who have been stitched up, or those who may be framed, bullied or intimidated by a corrupt Neo-Fascist Queensland Police Service. My experience as an activist has been that the Magistrates Courts take the Police’s words as truth. In Queensland Ministers have in the past been allowed to lie to Parliament with immunity so some cop lying under oath and perverting the course of justice doesn’t raise many eyebrows.

People come up to me almost daily with similar stories of Police corruption. I’m amazed there are so many. Most are not on the Internet. I just got on recently to help fight this institutionalized corruption myself. I do have to reiterate there are good cops. No one wants to get a work mate in trouble so the Police cannot be in charge of investigating themselves. What is happening to me is a prime example.

After I repeatedly complained to the Police that my assailant was a policeman or police operative..I INFORMED QUEENSLAND CIVIL LIBERTIES and the CRIME AND MISCONDUCT COMMISSION as well as my local member of Parliament Michael Choi. It`s a Police matter I was told.

An Injustice System.

Queensland Legal Aid is a farce: They told me I could not win in Court against a charge of Public Nuisance and Obstruction of Police so they could not waste their budget on me. You can try them but don`t expect any help. They will probably tell you to plead guilty. As a self-litigant I am slowly winning but not everyone wants to fight for years.

In the Injustice System My experience with the Police that put me in the Queensland Court System is that they are part of the Injustice System

There are clear steps to take when you fight against unfair, unjust or unlawful charges.

Much of the below information is now outdated, such as, transcripts are now on CD so the cost have changed. Go to the Court near you and get the info. Remember they are there to help you. If you are lucky the Court wont do to you what the Cleveland Courts did to me. They frustrated me at every opportunity.

Freedom of Information charges are waved in cases of hardship, the unemployed and age pensioners like myself but they charge you $36.50 for information they determine is not related to your personnel affairs, like duty rosters or anything else you may need to know to defend yourself in your Injustice System.

Documents like transcript cost you $5.10 per page and you will need several dozen at least. 1 hour of court time = approx. 20 pages [$100.00] These corrupt Police can cause you a lot of hardship with their lies in your Injustice System.

A corrupt Government needs a corrupt Police Service. The Police have the Department of Public Prosecutions as their defenders. If you cannot afford a lawyer you have to learn to defend yourself so help your self and do not plead guilty unless of course you are. At the very least you get a chance to tell your story. If the Magistrate finds you guilty remember you have 28 days to go to the District Court Registrar and lodge an appeal to the District Court. Get them to help you with the form. Once you get to the District Court they listen a bit more carefully so you are in with a chance. If you lose here also you can still appeal to the Appellant Court. An Injustice System I would like to recognize and thank some of the people that have helped me as a self-litigant.

Jeff Morton; President of Self-Litigants Association A tireless worker for self-litigants {deceased} Lillian Geddes self-litigant and teacher. And others who helped me organizer and prepare my defence cases but who wish to go unnamed.

And a very special thanks to CAXTON LEGAL CENTRE. I`ve finally met some good lawyers fighting this injustice. They argued my last Appeal and won the Appeal, Cost and had the conviction quashed saving me the $250 fine for Public Nuisance. This link also shows capriciousness of Magistrates.

Should the Queensland Government and it`s employees be allowed to intimidate, bully and bash artist and musicians who are speaking out against environmental vandalism the states corruption?

Since the very beginning of this people have been using what happened to me for their own political purposes from Queensland Civil Liberties past president Ian Dearden, (promoted by our corrupt Queensland A L P government to a District Court Judge) after the Sheperson Inquiry. Inspector Russel Miller was discussing my compliant with the Head of the CIB Metro North Diversion the day I phoned him 19/01/2000, It was on the tape I gave to Ian Dearden. And these corrupt SCUM Police Officers, Senior Constable Shane Dan and Constable Dave Sheedy on the evening of the premeditated assault by the Police operative, I wonder what they will be promoted to. Detective Senior Constable Ian Hansen,the Good Cops, the Bad Cops, the Labor Party, the Liberals and Nationals, the Courts and others.

An Injustice System.

On the 3 separate occasions I tried to get help from the CRIME AND MISCONDUCT COMMISSION I got the same reply “It`s a Police matter”

When it doesn`t do you any good to go to the Crime and Misconduct Commission or your local Member of Parliament Michael Choi with your proof of crime and misconduct within the Government and Police Department. What do you do?

Answer: Stand on the corner with a sign. An Injustice System leading to FASCISM.

Under Premier Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh the Queensland Parliament passed a law that allowed then Minister Gordon Nuttal and others to be able to lie to Parliament with immunity. I believe this has been repealed and our politicians are not allowed to still lie to parliament.

An injustice System leading to FASCISM.