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“What life has taught me about humanity and it’s place in nature, from Behavioral Psychology to Thermodynamics”

                                          “We’re Screwed”

That’s why I wrote and sang,” Something is Wrong”, “PCB Blues” and “You’re a Greenie”, that is until I was brutally bashed one evening in Brisbane by two young men,one of which was a cop. People were beginning to listen to my scathing originals, which challenged the corruption and environmental vandalism of the government. But not everyone in the small crowds and passers by appreciated my words or my right to sing them. For over nine months, before I was bashed, I was systematically harassed, bullied and told to, “Shut up or someone is going to do you” by plain clothes Police. They didn’t know that I knew they were Cops.

                         THIS IS WHAT STARTED MY PROTEST.


I have proof that my assailants are connected to the Queensland Police Force. I told Inspector Russell Miller in person that I could identify three of them, they were cops. One of them was the same cop Sergeant Thomson put in the Capalaba Central shopping center cafe area, very early one morning, in civilian clothes,with a baby on his knee well over a decade after the premeditated assault,in Brisbane, by the blond haired Police operative. Just me the cop and baby on his knee, were the only people there. My assumption is that Sergeant Thomson was trying to garner sympathy from me for the cop with the baby on his knee or get me to complain to the Police so he,Thompson, could further pervert the course of justice.  This incident was very strange indeed. Shortly after this I was banned from Capalaba Shopping Center for carrying my signs.

{This act of Sergeant Thomson`s ties the Police at Capalaba to the premeditated bashing by the Police in Brisbane.}

This cop, in civilian clothes with a baby on his knee, was the squad leader in charge of the premeditated assault by the short blond haired man,  a policeman, or a police operative, who instructed  Daniel Phelps during the assault and whom they had blackmailed to participate in the assault. The short blonde haired Police operative, during the assault, fractured 2 of my ribs with a 360 degree karate kick,as well as breaking several of my front teeth with repeated punches to the face. There is supposed to be a mense warrant out on the blond haired man but I still say the cops put a false name on the warrant so their man, the blond haired Police operative, could walk away to never be seen again. Is it any wonder I call them SCUM ? Also at this link is the compliant I made against these 2 men Phelps and the blond haired man,(Police Operative) that SR.Constable Dan verbaled me with.


CC video surveillance tapes, which would have shown the assault, were never requested in court; pages of evidence were ignored in the so-called investigation and verballing of my case. The police clearly did not want to know. They continue the cover up.

I was not robbed. My assailants wanted my silence. While I have all but given up on the Justice System, and no longer busk in the city, I continue to challenge entrenched political corruption with my own distinctive form of public protest. My collection of bold hand written T-shirts asks questions that demand answers. Alarmingly, they have attracted the same sort of menacing attention that my music did fifteen years ago. For the past eight years I’ve been standing on the corner with my signs, still fighting.

“I lost my America one evening in the early 1970`s at Kent State University, Ohio. We had just learned we had been bombing Cambodia for weeks without a declaration of war killing thousands of men, women and children. I turned my back on the Riot Police`s shotguns that night and soon left America.

That was over four decades ago and now I feel I’m losing my Australia too.”

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My win in the SUPREME COURT, see the complete transcript,click on menu. Decisions Supreme Court Documents.

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Correspondence with Police and Council for Civil Liberties

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