8th Assault

30-01-2013 ELDER ABUSE BY QUEENSLAND POLICE AND QUEENSLAND HOUSING. “ELDER ABUSE IS ANY ACT WITHIN A RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST WHICH RESULTS IN HARM TO AN OLDER PERSON.” This picture shows my neighbor throwing a jug of scalding water right in my face and head. Luckily I got under cold water immediately  so I didn’t blister but it was extremely painful.

This complaint to be heard on 15/12/2014 Brisbane Magistrates Court 20. This assault took place on 30/01/2013 and because of Police stonewalling I had to suffer even more assaults and abuse. 

UPDATE: 15/12/2014 Scalding water assault. Craig Young was found guilty of serious assault on a person aged over 60. He was sentenced to 6 months prison with immediate parole for 15 months.He was ordered to pay $500.00 to me for pain and suffering,which he has said in court previously he won’t pay S P E R  fines.He also has to stay away from me for 2 years at a distance of 100 meters. Almost 2 years to get this to court.

UPDATE: 12/08/2015  I just received a SPER payment of $620.00 for pain and suffering and cost of two cameras and a recent payment for $250.00 for pain and suffering and the cost of 2 cameras.

UPDATE: 26-11-2014 I revived another payment for $250.00 from SPER for pain and suffering.

UPDATE: 18-06-2016 I received another payment from SPER of $124.00 for 2 more cameras that were destroyed.

vlcsnap-2013-04-15-08h50m04s1 I GUESS THIS SHOWS THERE IS NO TRUST BETWEEN THE STATE AND THE ELDERLY. I`LL BE 74 THIS YEAR. ON AND ON IT GOES. CORRUPT COPS ARE BLUDGERS:   The below  complaint I made to the Capalaba Police is outstanding and yet to be investigated without bias. Rock assault 22/04/2012 has now been resolved. Craig Young has been sentenced to 6 months prison, with immediate parole. And has to report to the Cleveland Police each week and keep away from me.

These pictures below of my psychotic neighbour trespassing into my unit examining my security arrangements at the front door. He needed this information,which he was becoming very expert in, to circumvent my security system. More is shown in the full CCTV coverage of Craig Young trespassing into my unit as given to Constable Sachin Nair.

The below trespassing is still being stonewalled by the Capalaba Police.

This is a serious perversion of justice by the Police. 

The full CCTV CD I gave to the Capalaba Police shows Craig leave my unit the minute he saw that he was on camera.




vlcsnap-2014-05-05-10h25m25s200Picture 008

The below picture shows Craig spotting my camera,the video this picture was taken from was given to Capalaba Police, it shows the surprise on Craig`s face and his quick exit from my unit. As of 07/01/2015 I`m still waiting for the Police to contact me. I`m still hearing laughter at the Police station.



 If this complaint had not been and is still being stonewalled by the Capalaba Police`s Constable Sachin Nair I would have been saved from further elder abuse. I`m still waiting for a determination on this corrupt stonewalling by the Capalaba Police. As I understand it Craig Young was on probation at the time and this should have required his arrest.




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